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About Us

Why Metaphorce was born?

Metaphorce was born out of the preoccupation to give a solution to the current necessities of the technological talent in the IT industry

Digital transformation and training of high-level talent.

We promote the digital transformation of organizations through technological talent. Our purpose is to add value in the digital age, raising people's quality of life.

New person-centered recruitment.

We believe that currently, the traditional selection and recruitment processes are obsolete, so we created a disruptive process appropriate for this new digital age, focusing on what is most important, we believe in YOU.

Our strategy

Boost your profesional IT career with Metaphorce

If your dream is to take your career to the next level in a global enterprise, or you're looking for IT talent that fits your needs, Metaphorce is the boost you need to reach all your goals. We're here to help you.

We believe in your potential

You are the talent of the future, and here in Metaphorce we are happy to provide you with the necessary tools to enter a world full of opportunities.

We are a team of people passionate about innovation; we are entrepreneurial, creative individuals, programmers and engineers.

We are backed by our experience in the technological ecosystem and large national and international enterprises.

That's right, the key is you who develop innovation and modernize our lives.

Meet our team

Selene Diez Reyes

CEO & Founder Metaphorce

Rocio Bretschnaider

COO & Founder Metaphorce

Ana Daniela Almeida

Development and bonding coordinator

Daniel Fernando Del Castillo Martínez

Language center coordinator

Carlos Javier Quiroz Martínez

Recruiting intern

Luis Fernando Domínguez Araujo

Methodology specialist

Diana Karen Mejía Cano

IT Recruitment Manager

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Incredible IT talent

With our platform we empower and connect your company with the best technological talent in LATAM in a transparent, agile and simple way.

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Exclusive vacancies from the most important companies in LATAM that are looking for passionate technological talent.

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Overcome all the challenges with our IT training courses and programs, improve your level of English and boost your skills to get your new job.